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Allyson and Maggie BOSS UP and BOHCC pre

The BlackPR Newswire

September 2020 -  BlackPR Newswire, the news service for  the Black community, highlights the bold video starring Maggie Anderson and Allyson Springett. The BOSS (Black Owned Shelf Space) UP video also celebrates the 3-pronged approach. 1) Fight for Black owners with a petition asking for 50% of the ethnic hair care aisle. 2) Educate consumers re the true owners of  top Black hair care brands. 3) The Black Owned Hair Care Challenge.   

Speakers Magazine Our Black Year and Ste

August 2020 -  Speakers Magazine, the leading publication for Black speakers and activists, in its August/ National Black Business Month issue, featured Maggie Anderson, her book, Our Black Year, her message about the importance of returning Black buying power to the community,  and her Black Owned Hair Care Challenge.  Stephanie Mills and Maggie's book are on the cover. 

50 Percent Black Owned Petition.jpg

The Black Chronicle

August 2020 -  Maggie Anderson and the Black Owned Hair Care Challenge officially joined forces with Allyson Springett,  owner of Mystique Naturals, AKA the 'Silver Rights Activist' to demand equitable real estate and representation for Black companies and brands in the Black hair care section at major retailers like Target, Walmart, Walgreens,  and CVS.

Marketplace and the BOHCC July 2020.png

NPR's Hit Show, "Marketplace"

July 2020 -  Maggie on NPR's huge "Marketplace" show on of her hopes for the new Buy Black movement and her new "Black Owned Hair Care Challenge".

Natfluence Features Maggie Anderson The

The Native Influence

July 2020 -  The Native Influence motto "We Feature Rock Stars and Share their Stories - Founders/CEOs. Visionaries. Industry Leaders. Changemakers." Click below to read Maggie's heart-breaking, no holds barred interview.

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 7.43.09 PM.png

ABC/ Disney

June 2020 -  Maggie explains to ABC why Buying Black is more important than ever.


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Speakers Magazine

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