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 Showing our love. Proving our power.

Telling our truth. Enabling our empowerment.


For over 10 years, I have worked to follow up on Dr. King's dying wish for economic equality and justice. First with The Empowerment Experiment, my family's yearlong stand living exclusively off Black owned businesses, and my book, "Our Black Year"... And now with this Black Owned Hair Care Challenge, I aim to expose and fight economic injustice, cure racial disparities and divides in the American economy, and generate economic empowerment for the Black community by promoting, advocating for, and facilitating increased and intentional support of Black owned businesses.

As part of the new movement in America to protest racism and racist systems, systems, stereotypes and structures - and show solidarity with  and support for the Black community - I am challenging all Americans to commit to support Black owned hair care companies and beauty supply stores. These entrepreneurs and businesses used to generate desperately needed jobs, wealth, entrepreneurial opportunity, hope, pride, and role models in and for the Black community. This is why I am asking your help to return the Black hair industry to the Black community. We aim to grow these precious Black owned businesses to make the Black community - and this country - stronger and better. We aim to generate, with our unity, our faith, and our spend - a more diverse, inclusive, and representative American economy that drives empowerment for all.


Love, Maggie Anderson

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